Amazing Things You Did Not Know About Your Trees

Having trees on our property is not only beneficial to us homeowners but also to the environment. Without trees, there will be no one to protect us from pollutions, hazards, and toxins in the environment. We are not the only organism that will suffer if we do not have trees. Animals will also cry for help if trees are no longer available.

With global warming and climate change, it is crucial to take good care of our trees. They are the defenders, protectors, and supporters of the people living here on Earth. It is also a shelter for animals.

If we have trees in our properties, we can have clean and fresh air. It can also add to the curb appeal of our property. It will increase the value of our house when we plan on selling them in the future. Tress also provides shades and a cooling breeze during the summer season. It will also protect us from people who spy on us.

With the benefits that we can get from trees, they need to be maintained and loved in return. They need trimming, cutting, and sometimes removal for the betterment of the other trees. However, we could not deny that handling and taking good care of our trees is never easy. It involves heights and dangerous tools. But worry no more since,

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If you think that you know everything about trees, then you should read this article since it might surprise you. Here are the amazing things that you did not know about your trees:


The Trembling Giant in Utah is renowned as the oldest living organisms. It is approximately 80,000years old.


If you have observed that your trees experience fallen branches, flowers, twigs, seeds, leaves, and fruits, they experience stress. They also cannot give remedies to their injured branches, twigs, and woods.


Most people think that trees die because of old age. Well, it is not right. Trees are dying because of pest infestation, insects, people, and illnesses. Besides, some trees live for more than 5,000 years.


Like people, trees also communicate themselves. For instance, a particular willow tree has been attacked by insects and pests. To give warning to their fellow trees from what is happening, it releases a specific chemical.


Because of the growing population, there are species of trees that are extinct. Some trees include the dragon`s blood tree, maple-leaf oak, and many more. Some factors that contribute to the extinction of the trees are due to the abusive works of people.


Did you know that a particular species of trees reach the moon? Yes, a moon tree has been part of the Appolo 14.


If you are in the jungle and experience difficulties in navigating, then trees can help you. There are signs that you must know how to use the trees for navigation. Ensure that you know everything about the jungles, especially about trees, before going there.

Furthermore, showing love and care to our trees is all worth it in the future. We will receive our rewards from Mother Earth for taking good care of her belongingness. Work with the best tree care service to have well-maintained trees on your property!